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A private high-tech plant chemical enterprise specializing in planting, developing, extracting, producing and selling natural herbs.

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  Ankang Health Element Pharmtech a raw material manufacturer of herbal extract specialized in planting,researching,manufacturing of natural plant extracts.We provide the pollution-free plant extracts with high quality raw materials are widely used in Chinese herbal medicine,food,beverages and dietary supplements,feed additives and other fields.
  We have an independent raw material planting base,the extracting,filtering,concentrating,drying,pulverizing,technique is mature.Our company is with rich production of natural plant extracts of experience and strict quality control system,and built a perfect sales service system.We rely in Qinling,Bashan hinterland rich in natural medicine resources,the use of advanced modern plant chemical extraction and separation technologies,from kudzu root,Magnolia bark Extract,Gynostemma,knotweed,mulberry,honeysuckle,Epimedium and other natural plant extract various human health benefits of healthy elements.
  We are persists in pursuing a more scientific resources utilization by consistently strengthening products R&D capabilities.We will provide our clients and consumers more natural products widely used in many fields including medicine,food,beverage and dietary supplement industry.
Ankang Health Element Pharmtech Co.Ltd.