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A private high-tech plant chemical enterprise specializing in planting, developing, extracting, producing and selling natural herbs.

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 In order to ensure the quality of products,Ankang Health Element Pharmtech Co.Ltd.Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.carries out strict supervision and management from the beginning of raw materials.First of all,the quality of culture medium,the purity of raw materials and the non-pollution of cultivation process should be guaranteed.In order to make the raw material production base meet the requirements of green and organic,the company has set up a special supply base in Xunyang and other clean areas of Ankang.The company distributes raw materials uniformly,experts provide technical support throughout the process,and carry out strict management to ensure the quality of raw materials.In addition,the cultivation base cooperating with the company is required to operate according to the company's requirements,and the raw materials provided by the cooperating unit are tested and analyzed to ensure that the content of each ingredient reaches the standard.


Gynostemma pentaphyllum planting base



Ligusticum chuanxiong planting base



Pueraria planting base



Mulberry leaf planting base



 In order to ensure the superiority of raw materials,the company has cooperated with many well-known raw materials producing areas in China to build raw materials planting bases,including Baopingli Gynostemma pentaphyllum planting base,Qinling honeysuckle planting base,Bashan Chuanxiong planting base and so on.The raw materials will be planted strictly in accordance with the company's production standards,rather than sacrificing production,but also bringing in.The best ingredients on the market!Raw materials are the lifeline of product quality,the company will bear in mind the quality mission of the enterprise,will bring the highest quality products to consumers,benefit the health of consumers!