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A private high-tech plant chemical enterprise specializing in planting, developing, extracting, producing and selling natural herbs.

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 Quality is the life of an enterprise.Quality consciousness should run through the whole process of product chain from R&D to material purchasing,storage,feeding,production,quality inspection,transportation and after-sales service.To this end,the company has established a comprehensive and scientific quality management system:
 _To audit the quality of the suppliers of the materials used,and the materials can be used only after they have passed the QC inspection according to the standards.
 The class three seed seed management is strictly implemented,and the three level cell bank management is strictly implemented in the production cell.
 Regular monitoring of production environment and process water;
 Regularly verify the main production facilities,plant facilities,production processes and so on.
 Strictly organize production according to the requirements of GMP,and implement the three level quality control in the whole process of production.
 _equipped with advanced testing instruments,according to the verified inspection methods to test the products,to ensure the accuracy of the inspection data,according to the provisions of the state to implement wholesale issuance,to ensure that the factory products meet the requirements of registration standards;
 _In strict accordance with national regulations,provide detailed cold chain monitoring data from the factory to the place of delivery to ensure the quality control of products in the process of logistics supply;
 _Established a comprehensive and systematic early warning and handling system of adverse product events,set up an emergency committee headed by the general manager of the company,with full-time personnel to conduct follow-up investigation and handling of adverse product events.