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A private high-tech plant chemical enterprise specializing in planting, developing, extracting, producing and selling natural herbs.

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 R&D Center
 With strong R&D strength,it can develop more effective and specific plant active ingredients for the food,health food and cosmetics industries.
 And based on the respective characteristics of each product,combined with our basic research on the product,to establish a specific efficacy of the product compound formula;
 Our company has the ability to continuously and steadily develop products,mainly in the following areas:
 1.identification and utilization of natural products
 2.separation and purification of natural products
 3.analysis of the composition and properties of natural products
 4.quality detection of natural products components of natural products
 6.transformation of natural products according to customer needs
 7.Functional compound research;
 Production facilities that meet health food standards,large-scale production system,focusing on the production and processing of extracts.
 We are well aware that all ambitions will be difficult to achieve without good talent to put all ideas and plans into practice.R&D is a business that relies on people and teams.Advanced scientific innovation means that we will never retreat to the second place and will always be willing to challenge the status quo.Therefore,we seek excellent talents and form a united team.They can understand our thirst for knowledge,our love for innovation,our ambition for self improvement.
 At present,we have an excellent research team consisting of 6 Ph.D.,8 senior engineers and many masters,which is responsible for the special research and development of various products.We have also set up an exo-brain team composed of many well-known experts at home and abroad.Established in 2010,Kangyuan Biological Research and Development Center covers an area of more than 1700 square meters.The company has a complete product analysis and testing laboratory and special research laboratory for products.Besides routine physical and chemical analysis and a variety of routine in vitro experiments,it can also use gas chromatography and liquid chromatography for high-precision micro-quantitative analysis.Testing.In addition to routine identification and detection of microorganisms,microbiology laboratory can also carry out isolation and purification of bacteria and directional selective culture,etc.It has strong research and development strength and innovation ability.All the testing facilities and equipment are complete,all from the well-known domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers,with perfect functions and first-class technical strength.High performance liquid chromatograph,gas chromatograph,spectrophotometer,automatic water quality detector and other high-end equipment dozens,a total value of more than 6 million yuan,for many R&D personnel at the same time for the development of various experiments.