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Raw material base

A private high-tech plant chemical enterprise specializing in planting, developing, extracting, producing and selling natural herbs.

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 Ankang Health Element Pharmtech Co.Ltd.has a 4,000-mu Chinese herbal medicine planting base,planting Gynostemma pentaphyllum,Pueraria lobata,Polygonum cuspidatum,mulberry leaves,honeysuckle,epimedium and other raw materials.These raw materials are grown with organic fertilizers,refuse to use any form of chemical fertilizers and pesticides,to ensure that Chinese herbal medicine is a pollution-free product.The best raw materials produce the best products.Modern extraction technology is used to concentrate natural and high-efficiency plant extracts,providing high-quality natural raw materials for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical,health food,beverage and dietary supplements,feed additives and cosmetics manufacturers.
















 Our own raw material planting base,good quality from the source,the best raw materials to produce the best products,so that you really care about quality assurance.