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Agricultural product price reform: the market is gradually liberalized

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Agricultural product price reform: the market is gradually liberalized

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With the deepening of marketization,the malpractice of China's original storage and storage system is gradually emerging
  With the deepening of marketization,the malpractice of China's original storage and storage system is gradually emerging,and it is necessary to implement the market-oriented price formation mechanism.Guide production through market price signals and adjust supply and demand.
  Agricultural product prices ushered in reform.
  Recently,media reports said that the ministry of agriculture has decided to implement differentiated support policies for different varieties of agricultural products in the direction of further agricultural product price reform.For rice and wheat are two varieties of rations will continue to adhere to the lowest price,and for corn,soybean,cotton,rapeseed and other varieties,through the market price signal to guide the production,adjust supply and demand.
  The price of agricultural products is related to the national economy and people's livelihood.In fact,as an agricultural country,the price of market-oriented agricultural products has been continuously reformed and deepened over the past 30 years since the reform and opening up.
  Relevant data shows,in our country from the narrow scope of management,expand the market adjusting the proportion of agricultural prices,to open up markets for agricultural products and price,the market mechanism in resource allocation play the role of the obvious.
  Ensure food security and promote the healthy development of agricultural products
  Why do we continue to have minimum purchase prices for rice and wheat,and market pricing for crops such as corn,soybeans,cotton and rapeseed?
  "We will continue to implement minimum purchase prices for rice and wheat in order to ensure the absolute security of the national food supply."Superior financial institute LuLe in an interview with the China sankei shimbun reporters said that at present,countries have repeatedly stressed that the food security of the core is"food security",namely the key protect grain self-sufficiency in grain,is our country the main food of rice and wheat varieties,so through the minimum prices for the purchase of the above two kinds of varieties,is conducive to protect the interests of farmers,arouse the enthusiasm of farmers to grow.
  According to media reports,rice and wheat,which are closely related to the interests of farmers and the real life of residents,are related to the national food security.After let go of agricultural prices,the country is not alone,but on the basis of established a market-oriented agricultural products price regulation system,covers the minimum purchase price,reserve,agricultural subsidies,such as import and export control measures.
  "With the deepening of the marketization,malpractice gradually appeared the original collection and storage system in China,main show is on the one hand,the domestic agricultural prices significantly higher than abroad,agricultural prices have been seriously distorted;On the other hand,the inventory pressure accumulated in the past few years is large,which leads to the current financial difficulties.Therefore,it is necessary to gradually implement the market-oriented price formation mechanism."Lu said.
  ,director of the office of central rural work leading group deputy team leader Chen told reporters recently,this time adjustment is to let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources,at the same time,the government will also play a good role.The other is to address some existing problems,including the contradiction that land returns are still low to farmers,the price of imported agricultural products is inverted,and domestic food stocks are tight.
  Reporter in the interview also learned that in recent years,the international grain market price swings,but in the policy and other measures under the combination of domestic food prices are rising steadily,food production to realize"ten increase in a row,"a serious agricultural prices upside down.
  Hu glacier,a deputy researcher at the rural development institute of the Chinese academy of social sciences,also expressed his views in an interview with China sanjing news.
  Mr Hu said the minimum purchase prices for rice and wheat were due to historical reasons,mainly inventory.In northeast soybeans and cotton in xinjiang,on the basis of target price subsidies,could further extended to corn,rapeseed target price subsidies,from traditional reserve mainly to market price,the allocation of resources to do so is to make the market mechanism.In the formation of the market price mechanism,the policy distortion effect of agricultural products should be minimized,the role of market mechanism should be better played,and the role of process and subsidy should be improved.
  It can be said that the price differential of agricultural products is a kind of adjustment in the face of the objective situation of agricultural products in China.
  During the interview,the reporter noted that on July 10,2015,in response to the recommendation no.1480 of the third session of the 12th National People's Congress,"about liberalizing the price of agricultural products for major crops".Explicitly mentioned,two rations for paddy,wheat varieties,should continue to adhere to the lowest price,but to change price increases rigidity of market expectations,in order to better play a role of market mechanism,and weaken the minimum purchase price policy"income"function,reduce the farmers'income of excessive dependence on grain market prices at the same time as a whole,good price supports and subsidies two methods to protect the interests of the farmers.
  For corn,soybean,cotton,rapeseed and other demand elasticity,long industry chain and high degree of correlation of varieties at home and abroad market,should pay attention to play a decisive role of market formation price,through the market price signal to guide the production,adjust supply and demand,promoting the sustained and healthy development of industry.
  Improve quality,reduce price and improve international competitiveness
  Actually,for the corn,soybean,cotton,rapeseed this produce,through the market price to guide production,there is no doubt that in the long run,is conducive to the healthy development of agriculture,but in the international competition,the industry inevitably has some worry.
  The reporter found in the interview that,at present,the average price of some agricultural products in China is about 30%higher than the import price.
  Hu said glaciers,this kind of circumstance is mainly agricultural products cost to rise,is caused by relative efficiency,that is to say,China's rapid urbanization,industrialization and modernization in the process of synchronization,industrial sector and service sector technical progress rate raised,make the cost of all of China's agricultural products price formation on the rise,it is composed of relative efficiency.This is also a developmental problem.
  For developed countries such as Canada,the United States and Brazil,hu believes,they have both the advantage of resource endowment and cost advantage.As the rate of progress increases,we may reduce the price and expand the planting scale through scale and modernization and technological progress.
  "It is a historical certainty that costs will rise and competitiveness will decline.Japan,South Korea and Taiwan first exported agricultural products after world war ii,and then in the process of rapid industrialization,agriculture became a countervailing target.So according to the experience,including the experience of developed countries,so far,according to current resources endowment is no solution,and the resource endowment advantage from China,we don't have to be fully use of domestic resources to meet domestic consumption demand,can make use of international and domestic two markets,two resources to better safeguard China's food security and the demand of the agricultural products,this is an important move.""Hu told reporters.
  Lu le had different concerns.He said that when China's agricultural products participate in international competition,the main concern is the quality of agricultural products.China's original agricultural products standards focus on the total supply,total production,single production has become the core value of the standard system.In light of the standard system,the quality of agricultural products is generally not high,generally many varieties,excellent varieties and special varieties,rarely consider the late processing requirements,and some even food safety problems of agricultural products.These problems will affect the competitiveness of China's agricultural products in the international market to a certain extent.
  According to the reporter,at present,only less than 50 percent of China's agricultural products meet international standards,while the United States and other developed countries have reached over 80 percent of the standards.
  LuLe think,want to improve the international competitiveness of China's agricultural products,the fundamental measures is to strengthen the quality of supervision,adjust measures to local conditions,to set up new agricultural products quality standard system,in accordance with international standards for production and management.
  In fact,China's agricultural products to participate in international competition,the competition is not only the product quality,and price competition,only superior quality and competitive price,high cost performance,can have a greater competitive advantage in the international market competition.
  The liberalization of agricultural markets has become a trend
  With the constant adjustment of agricultural product price mechanism,what is the development direction and trend of agricultural product price in China in the future?
  Glacier hu believes that in the current food security under the new strategy,on the one hand,food prices are still minimum purchase price policy to ensure that the acquisition by the government,but other agricultural products market will gradually open,it will improve the efficiency of market allocation of resources.In addition,reduce fiscal distortions.
  Hu glacier to further explain,agricultural prices rise and fall more work should be by the market,if a agricultural products remain stable for a long time,is not necessarily a good thing,a certain range,agricultural prices reflect a relationship of supply and demand change,and the gradual improvement in price signals will guide the agricultural production,it is inevitable phenomenon.However,agriculture is of weak quality,and the third plenary session of the 18th central committee also proposed the model of industry feeding agriculture,city feeding the countryside,function reciprocity and urban-rural integration.
  LuLe also expressed a similar view,for the most part the future of our country agricultural product price will be formed on the basis of market mechanism,and gradually integrate with the world market,and for a core grains such as rice,food products,will continue to implement the minimum purchase price,or subsidy measures.
  "The vast majority of agriculture because of does not involve the problem of food security,therefore,with the introduction of market mechanism,will be conducive to guide the production,to achieve production matching,improve the efficiency of production,for the category of food security,the state will still need to continue to implement protection measures."Lu le told reporters.
  LuLe finally told reporters,"in our country is advancing the reform of agricultural product price target and has implemented as cotton and soybean varieties,although the future will gradually expand to other varieties,but we think will be a slow process,on the one hand for the early stage of the pilot varieties and pilot areas there will be a process of experience,on the other hand,agricultural prices reform bears on the immediate interests of the hundreds of millions of farmers,so only reform conditions and basic mature,will gradually expand product categories of reform."
  In fact,no reform can be accomplished overnight.We need to constantly adjust our reform measures and efforts in the face of changing circumstances.The price reform of agricultural products is the same.There may be policies and measures in the future,but in any case,under the condition of market economy,the gradual opening of agricultural products market should be a trend.