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Feverine has side effects

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Feverine has side effects

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The concept of fetoprotein:the understanding of fetoprotein begins in Switzerland at the beginning of the 20th century
  Feverine is not yet a popular consumer product
  The concept of fetoprotein:the understanding of fetoprotein begins in Switzerland at the beginning of the 20th century.
  1912-Swiss scientist professor Karl won the Nobel Prize for discovering for the first time that sheep embryo cells contain a magical substance that can revitalize cells.This is what we call fetoprotein.
  1935-after a long period of research,Dr.Nikhanes of Switzerland demonstrated the function of sheep embryo regeneration and activation,and developed live cell therapy.
  At present,the world really have sheep embryo element product formal permission only Switzerland,because the Swiss sheep child element purification technology is still research confidential,and only after purification of sheep child element for human body to guarantee the safety and good effect is reliable.
  The cellular active substance extracted from the five-month-old lamb embryo can be preserved for up to six months in liquid nitrogen below minus 90 degrees Celsius after purification.
  Once the sheep embryo element with magical effect came into being,it immediately became popular all over the world,making some dignitaries and politicians and celebrities flock to it.At that time,Switzerland became a medical care and beauty spot for sheep embryo element.
  Is it true that many countries and research institutes now claim to have mastered the technique of sheep embryo extract?Could feverine be a consumer product?
  Sheep child element extraction,refining is a very complicated technology,now can only be done in the lab,and according to the different situation of users with different configuration,because living cells extracted from animal different organs will play a different role.
  For example,extracted from animal embryo liver organ of live cells and heart organ living cells each are not identical,different users have different configuration,so this is a very personalized service,absolutely impossible for mass production,and the preservation of the highly demanding living cells,after purified sheep child element under the extremely harsh temperature requirements for only 6 months,not suitable for long-distance transportation.Therefore,it cannot be a mass consumer product,only a luxury that few people can afford.
  The use of feverine must be treated with caution
  Now,due to the massive marketing of feverine by businesses driven by economic interests,various kinds of feverine are flooding the market.What are the effects of these feverine?"On July 17,the people's liberation army 305 hospital anti-aging medicine center chief expert,Beijing international anti-aging medicine,director of the center for yellow and Dr Peng in view of the high heat for sheep bile pigment,said:"the sheep child element is not a panacea anti-aging,instead itself still has a lot of unsolved problems,currently in use do more harm than good."
  "However,with the promotion of feverine by businesses,the application of feverine has been continuously expanded,and the increase of cases of adverse reactions such as swelling,allergy and rejection has aroused the vigilance of the medical community.Since feptin is a biological preparation,the quality standard for such bioactive substances has not been established yet,so the quality of feptin cannot be guaranteed and the curative effect cannot be achieved.In addition,sheep may carry tuberculosis bacterium,brucella bacterium,and can transmit mad cow virus,if raise condition is not passed,cannot assure sheep embryo element this one biological product absolute safety.
  Not only that,some studies have found that oral sheep child element can produce destructive biological active ingredients of the gastrointestinal tract,and the effect of injection of sheep child element time only 6-12 months,repeated injection can increase the risk of infection of other diseases.
  Few years,some domestic pharmaceutical companies in order to preempt the domestic anti-aging medicine market,have launched various"sheep child element",many of the products of raw materials for sheep offal,placenta,because of its preparation conditions and process issues,effective substance content in doubt.Under these conditions,the abuse of fetoprotein is of great risk.
  At present,there are no more than ten kinds of feverine products on the domestic market,including capsule,oral liquid and injection,and there are many advertisements exaggerating the efficacy.