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Top 10 exhibitions of plant extraction industry worthy of your attention in 2015

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Top 10 exhibitions of plant extraction industry worthy of your attention in 2015

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For plant extract enterprises,to participate in the exhibition is one of the most effective way to develop new market,and how to filter in various exhibition
  For plant extract enterprises,to participate in the exhibition is one of the most effective way to develop new market,and how to filter in various exhibition information is most suitable for the exhibition of this enterprise is the most crucial step.For this reason,we selected the top ten most popular international exhibition information of plant extract industry according to the scale of the exhibition,the industry reputation and the exhibition status of previous years,for the reference of many peer enterprises:
  I.exhibition name:2015 health care products exhibition/Engredea&Expo West 2015
  Time/place:06-08 March 2015/Los Angeles,USA
  Duration:once a year
  Exhibition is introduced:the exhibition is composed of two most Engredea and Expowest,so far has 34 years of history,all ingredients and finished products covering health care products industry,held a food ingredients NUTRACON meeting of the latest development of science and technology.Is the only can see ingredients,and can see the finished product exhibition,can provides the raw materials companies know and understand the best chance of the terminal customer product requirements,as China's raw materials enterprise develop the market and a perfect window.
  Reason for recommendation:the largest natural health expo in the world,rated as one of the top 100 exhibitions of scale and influence,and one of the top 50 most famous and promising exhibitions in the United States.Each year it attracts buyers from the United States,Europe,Asia,South America and even Africa to negotiate and exchange.It is the only food industry in the world to be exhibited together with the health products industry,finished products and ingredients of plant extracts,and the exhibition scale and buyers have guaranteed an exhibition.
  Ii.Exhibition name:2015 Swiss international biological food exhibition/Vitafoods Europe 2015
  Time/place:May 5-7,2015/Geneva,Switzerland
  Duration:once a year
  Introduced:the exhibition Vitafoods Europe is the European health food industry's largest professional exhibition,adhere to high quality positioning has been the global health food industry professionals of high attention and recognition,is an indicator of nutritional health food market in Europe,an unshakable industry leader.
  Reasons for recommendation:
  Less than 82%of exhibitors will continue to attend the next exhibition;
  Less than 80%of the visitors considered the exhibition to be a professional exhibition for searching for the latest industry service and product items;
  Less than 85%of the viewers are considered for decision making;
  Less than 88%of visitors thought they could detect trends in future industry markets during the exhibition.
  Iii.Exhibition name:2015 China international pharmaceutical raw materials medicine,intermediates,packaging,equipment fair/API China
  Time/place:May 15-17,2015/China·Shanghai
  Duration:once a year
  Exhibition is introduced:as China's pharmaceutical industry's flagship exhibition of new products,new technologies,the API show after 40 years of development,has formed more than 1000 active pharmaceutical ingredients more than 300 production enterprises,pharmaceutical packaging enterprises,more than 200 pharmaceutical equipment companies,and the scale of more than 30000 professional visitors from home and abroad.The exhibition includes CRO/CMO,pharmaceutical excipients,plant extracts(natural extracts)and import and export.
  Recommended reason:China's biggest and most can represent the Chinese festival,the latest products and technologies in the pharmaceutical industry to focus on raising the overall level of China's pharmaceutical apis and intermediates,etc,for the public to provide a safe and healthy protection.The exhibition has become a brand event that brings together industry leaders,shows the most advanced products and technologies,helps enterprises to interpret policies and regulations,improves the production level of the industry and reflects the development trend of the industry.
  4.Exhibition name:2015 eastern America siti/SupplySide MarketPlace 2015
  2015 western America siti/SUpplySide West 2015
  Time/place:7-9 April 2015/Orlando,Florida,USA
  October 07-08,2015/Las Vegas,USA
  Duration:two sessions a year,held in the first half and second half of the year in the eastern and western cities of the United States
  Exhibition is introduced:the international plant extracts,health and innovative materials,the exhibition is the plant extracts,functional food raw materials,pharmaceutical raw materials,raw materials of hairdressing cosmetic raw materials and health products of America's largest pharmaceutical and health food raw materials professional exhibition.
  Why it's recommended:the SupplySide show,which became an annual gathering of suppliers of dietary supplements,food additives and cosmetic ingredients,is America's first major show for the plant extracts industry.Established professional plant extracts show,the influence and international visibility are very high.In October 2014,xi'an source's creatures in the western United States show in-depth communication with the customers,won the great affirmation,believe that this year's exhibition in the western United States will also create more opportunities for the majority of plant extracts.
  V.exhibition name:2015 world pharmaceutical raw materials China exhibition/CPhIChina2015
  Time/place:June 24-26,2015/China·Shanghai new international expo center
  Duration:once a year
  Exhibition is introduced:the CPhI China exhibition since 2001 by the European hear exhibition consulting co.,LTD.(UBMLive),Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce(CCCMHPIE)and Shanghai international exhibition co.,LTD.(UBMSinoexpo)bower to introduced to China,with good market development opportunity,the high quality resources and rich experience in exhibition,audience at home and abroad to grow rapidly,from the first 6200 square meters exhibition area of development to the current 140000 square meters,has become Asia's leading pharmaceutical industry trade platform.
  Recommended reason:the CPhI pharmaceutical raw materials series will have 15 years in China,in 2015,the exhibition will usher in more than 2800 companies from the show,including overseas companies from over 20 countries and regions.Series from the upstream and downstream of the pharmaceutical industry chain including pharmaceutical raw materials,biopharmaceutical,natural plant extracts and other 10 large plates.Exhibition together many well-known pharmaceutical enterprises both at home and abroad,to expand the buyers purchasing way at the same time,also for buyers to make a meeting with the industry line,collect market information,depth one-stop pharmaceutical industry trade platform of the communication.
  Vi.Exhibition name:2015 IFT food technology exhibition/IFT EXPO 2015
  Time/place:July 12-14,2015/Chicago international exhibition center
  Duration:once a year
  Exhibition introduction:each year in the United States in different cities in rotation.The exhibition has a long history and has been held for 75 years.It is the largest one of the most famous in the americas international food additives(plant extract),food ingredients and technological aspects of TTF attending and industry event,the exhibition brings together the global food industry the latest situation of the scientific and technological achievements into products to reflect the direction of the food industry development and dynamic,represents the development trend of world food science,technology and industry.
  Reasons for recommendation:
  Less than 1,066 exhibitors from 40 countries were attracted.More than 18,000 professional buyers from more than 80 countries attended.
  Less than 68%of exhibitors found new products;Fifty-eight percent met with current suppliers and 53 percent found new ones.
  Less than 46%of technical personnel,18%of academics,15%of company presidents,and 26%of purchasers.
  Vii.Exhibition name:2015 world pharmaceutical raw materials South America exhibition/CPhI South America 2015
  Time/place:25-27 August 2015/Sao Paulo,Brazil
  Duration:once a year
  CPhI South America will continue to be held at the same time as the 2015 fisouth America food ingredients show.The two exhibitions combine to create a one-stop purchase of food,health,natural plant extracts and medical materials.Each year,the exhibition attracted from Brazil,Argentina,Britain,the United States,Canada,Italy,Switzerland,Poland,the Netherlands,France,Belgium,exhibitors from all over the world such as China and nearly all of the purchaser's participation.
  Reasons for recommendation:
  As an economic center for the region of South America,Brazil is the fifth most attractive destination for investment by the United Nations.
  The middle class of this region has increased by 31.7%.If you can meet with them during the exhibition,you will definitely make them choose your products over others.
  This is not only an exhibition,but also a complete set of top-notch meetings,providing numerous networking opportunities to accelerate your business development in the region.
  For 2012,the exhibition area was 20,000 square meters,with 11,255 professional visitors,and over 500 food brands promoting their new products and new technologies at the exhibition site.
  Less than 83%of the exhibitors approved the effects of the exhibition and found that the exhibition met the requirements of the enterprises and the results were satisfactory.Ninety-four percent of enterprises believe that this exhibition enables enterprises to maintain current customers,expand the market and strengthen the recognition of brands.This exhibition is a good way to promote enterprises.
  8.2015 world raw material pharmaceutical Europe exhibition/CPHI worldwide 2015
  Time/place:13-15 October 2015/Madrid,Spain
  Duration:once a year
  It is a famous brand exhibition in the field of international pharmaceutical raw materials,as well as a professional exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates.In 2014,the exhibition was held in Paris,France,with more than 2,400 companies from over 133 countries participating.Including China,Brazil,France,South Korea,malan josiah,Poland,Britain,the United States and India and other 17 countries and regions,respectively,organized their own national pavilion,created a new pavilion's record.Three days the exhibition is expected to attract from more than 140 countries and the area nearly 34000 registered professional audience,brings together the world's regions from drug development to finished product preparation senior policymakers and the main managers of different levels of the pharmaceutical supply chain.
  Reason for recommendation:the exhibition will travel to Spain in 2015.The exhibition will be the international exhibition pharmaceutical raw materials,P-MEC,InnoPack and as at the four solo exhibition will be held at the same time,realize four exhibition unity,become the global pharmaceutical industry together,in addition to zero distance to understand the latest technology application and product information,for the pharmaceutical industry's development direction,also to play the role of a barometer.
  9.2015 European international food ingredients and technology exhibition/FIE 2015(2015 European food ingredients exhibition/FIE 2015)
  Time/place:dec 01-03,2015/Paris,France
  Hosting cycle:once every two years
  Exhibition is introduced:the exhibition is currently is one of the largest collection of international food ingredients supplier,technology output ingredients,food ingredients professional exhibitions purchaser of the trinity,has become the most recognizable food ingredients field irreplaceable top trade summit.Calendar year exhibition with an increasing number of Chinese enterprises,thus confirmed through this exhibition to expand overseas markets,improve the international market competition ability,has become the consensus of many food ingredients business.
  Recommend reason:this exhibition is a truly international event of food ingredients and technology industries,in just 3 days during the show,you meet business opportunities will be beyond your imagination,around you is true,credible,professional partners.Build strong business relationships and don't miss out on the best opportunity for global sales.
  X.exhibition name:2015 Russia international food ingredients exhibition/FIR 2015
  Time/place:March 17-19,2015/Russia·Moscow international exhibition center
  Duration:once a year
  About the exhibition:the Russian FI series exhibition held in the same period with the world pharmaceutical raw material RUSSIA exhibition will become the most professional event of ingredients and additives industry in RUSSIA in 2015.FI series exhibitions have been recognized by exhibitors and buyers all over the world for their strong professionalism and obvious exhibition effects.2014 there were 164 exhibitors from 19 countries and regions took part in the exhibition,and attracted from Russia,Ukraine,belarus,Germany,Britain,the United States and Italy,33 countries more than 4790 professional visitors,93.7%of the audience as a trader,of which 57.6%for direct decision makers,90%of the audience for local buyers in Russia.
  Recommended reason:the dependence of the Russian food market is very strong,China and Russia has a great complementarity in the field of food,food has become China's exports to Russia's flagship product,the exhibition will bring China's food and food processing enterprises,unlimited business opportunities.
  More than ten big exhibition information for 2015 plant extracts general situation of the exhibition industry attracts the most attention,and to provide reference for the phytochemistry colleagues,ladies and gentlemen,at the same time,I wish the Chinese plant extracts industry is further developed in 2015.