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Ankang Health Element Pharmtech Co. Ltd. is a raw material manufacturer of herbal extract specialized in planting,researching, manufacturing of natural plant extracts. We provide the pollution-free plant extracts with high quality raw materials are widely used in Chinese herbal medicine, food, beverages and dietary supplements, feed additives and other fields.

We have an independent raw material planting base, the extracting, filtering, concentrating, drying, pulverizing, technique is mature. Our company is with rich production of natural plant extracts of experience and strict quality control system, and built a perfect sales service system...




Over 10 years experience in production and operation of plant extracts, and outstanding extraction, purification, fine baking, testing equipment and conditions. 100% natural quality and zero additives. All water-soluble products are available. 

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Quick access to traditional herbs, focusing on local varieties, maximizing scale effect and leading cost performance.

One-Stop Cooperative Service

Excellent technical support regardless of size of your business, we will provide best service and application solutions with mutual records of Chinese herbal medicines, pre-processing and overall certification.

With own planting center, the main facility is located in the core production area of raw materials, with the jurisdiction of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Hovenia dulcis, Coptis chinensis, Pueraria and other raw materials with Origin Geographical Certifications.

Product Quality Advantage

Shaanxi has made concerted efforts to promote the plant extraction industry upgrading to achieve sound development
Since the 21st century,worldwide,people living standard rise and green natural consciousness enhancement
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Shaanxi planting and lifting industry association annual meeting held a few days ago
On January 7th,"2017 shaanxi association of plant extraction industry annual conference"and the second academic BBS of plant
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Agricultural product price reform: the market is gradually liberalized
With the deepening of marketization,the malpractice of China's original storage and storage system is gradually emerging
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Top 10 exhibitions of plant extraction industry worthy of your attention in 2015
For plant extract enterprises,to participate in the exhibition is one of the most effective way to develop new market,and how to filter in various exhibition
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